The choir

Lilla kören was founded in 2005 by Pelle Olofson, who as conductor and musical leader has driven the choir forward in various musical projects. The very first members were graduates of Adolf Fredrik's musikklasser who wanted to continue singing together, with Pelle as conductor.

Today the choir consists of about 30 singers, who are all passionate about choral singing as well as good music. Common amongst the singers is that they like to sing music with a modern tonality; In addition to Pelle Olofson's own music, composers such as Martin, Nystroem and Lidholm are appreciated.

Pelle Olofson does an excellent job of challenging the choir by constantly finding new music and in turn new ways to stretch the singers' boundaries, both in technique and musicality.

Since its founding, Lilla kören has preformed concert tours to e.g. Prague and Oslo, and the  international choir competition in Florence (2013) where they won all of the four categories they competed in. Pelle also received an award in this competition as best conductor, nominated among 19 other participating choir conductors.

Pelle Olofson

In 1984, Pelle Olofson graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where he studied under Hans Eklund and Sven-David Sandström, among others. In 1984-2000, Olofson worked mainly as a singer in the Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson's chamber choir, and on opera stages around the country. Olofson was a member of the Radio Choir for over 20 years. In addition to this, he has composed choral music, film music, chamber music, electro-acoustic music and orchestral music. Olofson has also arranged children's concerts with both the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm.

In the years 2000-2017, Olofson worked as a conductor and music teacher at Adolf Fredrik's musikklasser; Sweden's oldest and most well-known choir school with 1080 students selected by audition. Olofson has composed much music for the school and the school's talented students.

In 2005, Olofson started Lilla kören. The first members were former students of his.